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1976 bicentennial concert jfk stadium

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In 2010, the concert recording was released on a CD/DVD combination, titled Crimson White & Indigo. The reason the Bicentennial Dollars were minted was to honor the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, signed by many of the most notable United States Founding Fathers on July 4, 1776 to proclaim the sovereignty of the nation. JFK Stadium hosted Team America's soccer match against England on May 31, 1976 as part of the 1976 U.S.A. Bicentennial Cup Tournament. I still remember this giant beach ball thing being kicked around the stadium. Got there early (parked on the golf course in Roosevelt Park). I came being a Yes fan and came away being a Frampton fan. Keyboard Solo, Harp Solo it is a large, horseshoeshaped. That was also the first time with a girl I met, we went into the men's room. The warning about bad PCP being advertised as THC and if you took it you would miss the show. I drove down to DC and parked within walking . It was estimated that a 130k fans showed up to the event! The tournament - which celebrated the 200th anniversary of the U.S. It was otherworldly. Bicentennial Cup Tournament. It was 1976. I remember just feeling no fear. The stadium played host to The Monsters of Rock Festival Tour, featuring Van Halen, Scorpions, Dokken, Metallica and Kingdom Come, on June 11, 1988. I'm so glad I found this site. I made friends with 2 girls from New Jersey, Gina?? The Show was Incredible I have Been a fan since, have seen many shows over the Years But This and the 90125 Tour at Hershey Park are 2 of my Top Tens.. Ps I was 12 at the Time Wow. But the food flight.(I don't think I'll forget a bunch of us grabbing our blankets, holding them over our heads and putting our girlfriends in the middle so theu wouldn't get hit). This concert took place on July 4, 1976 and was the day after their show at the Omni in Atlanta, GA on July 3. Grand Funk Railroad. A few minutes later several other's started climbing some of the other towers. The Grateful Dead were only allowed to perform due to strict no-smoking regulations that had been enacted some time before. RFK Stadium, June 9, 1973. Wow !!! Everywhere. The only thing we could see from the parking lot was the side of the stage, and a brief glimpse of Chris and Jon. I can't add much more. ~ Facebook We're goin!!" the music, the lasers gleaming off everyone. The show began with the Pousette D'Art Band, about which I recall nothing but a distance precence far away on a stifling afternoon. The United States Coast Guard cutter Eagle has been the host vessel to all six Op Sail events. YES WAS AWESOME. . But Frampton was Great! Between bands (forget which one) I grabbed one of my friends and we climbed the light towers and were sitting up there waiting for the next band. What a sound, what a vibe, what good music! After finishing, the male stood up in a Rocky victory pose and walked away with the girl still under the blanket. On July 3, 1982, Rick James performed in concert at JFK Stadium, called "The Throwdown in Phillytown." It was the best Fourth of July ever. I was so young 15. The garbage fight was a highlight. Making it home to Northern Jersey, while the three passengers slept, along a windy back road. The Eagles Bicentennial concert at Tampa Stadium in Tampa, FL included Fleetwood Mac and Loggins & Messina. All in all one of the most memorable concerts I was ever at. "Bud" Dudley, a former Villanova University athletic-director, created the Liberty Bowl in Philadelphia in 1959. The stadium also played host to Amnesty International's Human Rights Now! However, even that crowd was swallowed up in the environment. The show was headlined by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and also featured Sting, Tracy Chapman, Peter Gabriel, Youssou N'Dour and Joan Baez. I think 105 thousand attended. (Thats who the 2 Jersey girls were there for). The day John Hammond died. Coins in better than average condition are worth slightly more, though the premium for mint state coins isn't very large. FRAMPTON WAS GREAT. it was the show to compare all others to. 70s, Passes, Rocks Tour Quick On The Draw- March 28, 1978 Boston Music Hall Wbcn-FM broadcast. inside we found seating as far back in the statium as could be due to the extreem crowd. JFK Stadium was one of fifteen United States stadia (and along with Franklin Field, also in Philadelphia) inspected by a five-member FIFA committee in April 1988 in the evaluation of the United States as a possible host of the 1994 FIFA World Cup. the weed,the hash. The event culminates in the Parade of Ships on the Hudson River and in New York Harbor on July 4, Independence Day. May 1, 1974 John F. Kennedy High School, Plainview, NY. I was there and had forgotten some of what's been written, but I remember it now. YES 76 gig at JFK so huge that in 2002, The City of Philadelphia declared August 8, 2002 YES Day in Philadelphia. then carry him back up again with the help of some cool strangers. i arrived early enough with my friends to settle in front of the stage on the field, but we decided to sit all the way up the stands to the left and front (if facing the stage. I was at the Roosevelt stadium NJ show on this tour, the show was quite a fiasco due to most of the staff were teenagers that let all their friends from miles around in an already sold out show with cans bottles and fireworks and they overwhelmed the already sold out show. It was a great day for a concert, good weather but really hot. I was there with a large group of friends. SPIRIT OF SUMMER '76. After the show, I wandered down close to the stage, because I could only see the very front of the show. Anyway.., dubbed as the "1976 Bicentennial Concert", this Yes concert followed just a few days before their 6/17/76 legendary performace at Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City, NJ. The streak was briefly broken during World War II, when travel restrictions forced three games to be held on campus and one game to be played in Baltimore. England and Italy had failed to qualify for the 1976 European Championship final tournament and so they joined Brazil and Team America, composed of international stars playing in the North American Soccer League, in the four team competition. One thing that hasn't been mentioned and anyone there should deffinately remember. Yes took the stage toward sundown, they were amazing, I remember Chris going ballistic when his cord shorted out during his opening solo on Heart of the Sunrisebut it was totally thrilling, as my friends and I took advantage of the 3 opening acts to worm our way toward the first 15 or so rows, so it was a birds-eye experience. One other thing that does stand out in my memory is in the middle of the night, some people broke into a trailer in the parking lot which was being used to store hundreds of cases of orange drink cartons. July 4th, 1976 Original Laminate. ? If only I was alive for that!!! the 130,000 souls having a great time. Does anyone remember the bonfires in the stands as everyone was freezing after getting sunburned all day? I knew he was soaking up the enrgy. [6][7], A.F. [citation needed]. The site was an open field, as construction had not yet begun on the then still tentatively named "Spectrum II" (Wells Fargo Center). The rest of the show was spectacular. U.S. States House of Representatives elections: This page was last edited on 12 January 2023, at 14:39. We were crushed back and for at the mesh gates waiting to be let in, and then thrust into the stadium by the force of crowd behind us. Peter Frampton returned from a seven-month lay-off and played with Lynyrd Skynyrd, The J. Geils Band, and Dicky Betts & Great Southern before 91,000 fans on June 11, 1977. PEOPLE JUST HELD ME UP. Musical acts that appeared in Philadelphia included Madonna, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, REO Speedwagon, The Hooters, Bryan Adams, Eric Clapton, The Cars, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, the surviving members of Led Zeppelin, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Mick Jagger, Tina Turner and Bob Dylan, accompanied by Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood, of The Rolling Stones. IT WAS HOT AS HELL BUT WHAT A GREAT TIME. WOW, some great memories are sure flying after reading these review's. Jon mentioned it about 20 minutes into the show. I was reminded of this show when I saw them again years later in the Philly area in '94 on the Summer Solstice outdoors under a full moon. They wrote about how tame and passive the crowd was. Journey headlined a concert June 4, 1983. = Team's stadium under construction or refurbishment at time 1 = A team used the stadium when their permanent stadium was unable to be used as a result of damage. Got therea t 10 AM to get a decent seat in the bleachers on the right side of the stage. Led Zeppelin was scheduled to conclude their 1977 US Tour at the stadium, but the final 7 concerts of the tour were cancelled, . I kind of thought those costumes may have been Gary Wright coming out. oh, to be that young again. the crowd gave a groop sigh as they realised what was happening. The rest of the band was strong, however, especially Lindsey Buckingham's guitar work and Christine McVie's vocals. Then, a night I'll never forget. Love those outfits! Benefit Concert on September 19, 1988. my freind and i hitch hiked to the concert from exeter township Pa. we smoked some tainted weed wile in the parking lot. Same for the pousette dart band. I think there was music that day. Listen to the drummer, listen to the bass player, listen to this fuckin' little band, motherfuckers. We proceeded to go to Every YES tour after that. So we did the same thing for this concert. Age has settled in me now, but I love that I appreciate it more now. John F. Kennedy Stadium. In 1958, some 15,000 fans attended a CFL game between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the Ottawa Rough Riders with proceeds from ticket sales going to local charities. Search; Browse Concert Archives . Photos Setlists. I missed the glory days but the stories i've heard make me realize what a great time it was for u people. (The Stones pre-opened the tour with a warm-up show at the Sir Morgan's Cove club in Worcester, Massachusetts, on September 14, 1981.) Two years later, the National Football League awarded another team to the city, the Philadelphia Eagles. i was 17 at the time, i am 46 now. Formerly an open-air stadium in Philadelphia, "John F. Kennedy Stadium" and "JFK Stadium" redirect here. JFK was such a cool sight though. Naturally they were pelted off-stage. $399.99 $5.10 shipping or Best Offer SPONSORED 1776- 1976 S NGC PF67 STAR CAMEO PROOF SILVER KENNEDY HALF JFK COIN SIGNATURE LB $25.00 (1776-1976) Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollars (10 coin lot) I was thoroughly sun-burned and not a little stoned. When the mummers came out they were pelted with everything and anything. Somewhere around 10:00pm or so, YES does a sound check. JFK Stadium hosted Team America's soccer match against England on May 31, 1976, as part of the 1976 U.S.A. I grew up in Belleville, N.J. and me, my best freind Jerry, Randy, Cherly, and Rudy all hitched-hiked from Beleville, which is just outside Newark the day before and got their late afternoon after a couple of memorable experiences that we won't get into right now. Wow what a concert. Well, not so much a streaker as a stroll by nude guy burnt red. I remember driving over with Dominic and someone else playing the The Who's Next. Although I left two thirds through their show, as usual, they were great. It was an experience. A little later as the sun had set, Yes came on. Yes, Peter Frampton, Gary Wright and Pousette-Dart Band played the "1976 Bicentennial Concert" here on June 12, 1976 to 130,000 fans. know one else on this page has mentioned the moon rise three songs into the show. People were walking through the crowd spraying water on everyone. The sun was brutal.I had a pair of bib overalls on and nearly died. It was a co-headlining show with the band America - very appropriate to celebrate the country's Bicentennial! But my day was over and I was cold. They raided it and when people asked for hot dogs from seats above and below, people started getting mad when they were pelted with hot dogs. You try and explained to friends what happened and you can't, they just don't get ityou had to be there! She drove them from Philly to just outside AC as we weren't rich and she needed gas to get us home. My girlfriend Michelle at the time and I decided to go see them in Philadelphia at JFK Stadium. [18], While renovation and repairs of the stadium were discussed, this was quickly rejected due to the exceedingly high costs, and it was demolished on September 23, 1992. They were generic Eagles. The team sold block tickets to area businesses at a discount, and the tax revenue was not reported. 1930). Being recent high school graduates, we decided it was a smart thing to park the car in the parking lot of our school, which is located in the heart of the North Philadelphia ghetto, and walk three blocks to the subway and not have to worry about parking hassles at JFK. Joe Sia photo. 1976 bicentennial concert jfk stadiummasa year of service PB Nitom Blog . i have never seen a concert performance like this one. there was a guy who took off all his clothes and put a paper bag over his head then began running full tilt on top of the crowd. The sound was Great.Maraz taking over for Wakeman wasn't as good but he held his on.And then this eyethat looked like the space ship from war of the world(the original)came down from the top of the stage first there was one green light shooting out from it, then two,then four, and next thing the beams are all over the place.moving to the music.If you were high your still looking for a way out. At current silver prices ($21/oz), the 1964 half dollar is worth $7.50 in silver alone, plus an additional dollar or two in numismatic value. he got prety messed up. Sound Chaser Yes played on. [citation needed], Six days after the Grateful Dead's 1989 show, then-Mayor Wilson Goode condemned the stadium due to multiple findings by city inspectors that the structure was structurally unsafe and a potential fire hazard. In 1981, The Rolling Stones announced their World Tour via a press conference at JFK. ~ ~ JUNE 12,1976 Bicentennial Concert at JFK Stadium featuring YES, Peter Frampton & Gary Wright. Heart of the Sunrise gave me the chills and still does. Hard to imagine it was 40 years ago today that America celebrated its Bicentennial. My girlfriend, Arlene(wife now), and I will always remember that concert. It seems crazy that I would be that young and my mom felt ok dropping me off. I agree Gary Wright was fluff, but his band consisting of all keyboards and a drummer was really interesting to me, a young musician at the time. Then at sundown, a pizza truck on the infield in front of u s turned on a neon sign, much to the dismay of a fan. One things really stuck with other than the music. Had fun taking my Chesterfield cigarettes and shaping them into joints and putting them on the ground. smoking and joking all around. The service, with 40-odd trains serving as many as 30,000 attendees, was the single largest concentrated passenger rail movement in the country. This would become significant the next day. When the doors finally opened we got down on the feild right up front and endured the 100' degree heat and the other bands and when Yes finally came on they where great. I went with my sister Denise and friends. You don't know what the fuck you're talking about. No I remember they played in the bright daylight, just before a big name band, maybe it was Gary Wright. Damage to the stage was estimated at a million dollars as smoke came pouring out marring an otherwise great day of vintage Rolling Stones. Yes, Peter Frampton, Gary Wright, and others played the "1976 Bicentennial Concert" here on June 12, 1976, to over 100,000 fans. Three encores.He stated that was the first time his parents saw him perform in the states..they must have come with him.Then the orange crate fight broke outthere was sh*t getting thrown all over the place.Then YES came out. You showed up to see Yes & Frampton, and you hear something you've never heard before and you don't recognize that it's good. The year 2022 was: The Year of the Tiger, according to the Chinese horoscope. The actual paid attendance for the home opener was only 13,855, while the paid attendance for the second game was only 6,200and many of those tickets were sold well below face value. is buddy allen married. I'm not sure. We waited for hours after that for YES in the meantime I was squeezed against the fence in front of the stage and an asshole shot an aerial bomb striking a laser mirror that was just being installed and it came down on top of 2 people right next to me both critically wounded we had to push them up and over the fence so they could be put in the ambulance, I had blood on me for the rest of the show, there was no way to go anywhere. My life changed that day: If any one thing has imprinted on my mind and soul, it is music, and the music of classic Yes above anyone else, I think. T he 180,000 people who turned out to see the opening shows of the Rolling Stones' 1981 concert tour at Philadelphia's John F. Kennedy Stadium couldn't have cared less that the band was out . Bicentennial July 4, 1976 - and if you were around at the time red, white and blue were your mandatory colors. I drove down from New York and got there the night before at about 5:00pm so was able to get dead center on the field about 30 feet from the stage. Led Zeppelin was scheduled to conclude their 1977 US Tour at the stadium, but the final 7 concerts of the tour were cancelled, due to the death of Robert Plant's 5-year-old son Karac. I'm a 48 yr. old mom of 6 grown kids (the youngest 4 are in college) and was scrapbooking my Peter Frampton Sept. '06 Keswick Theater concert tickets and photos today when I decided to dig for my Frampton/YES June 12, 1976 memorabilia in my OLD scrapbooks.I spent 8 hrs. Listen free to The Rolling Stones - 1978-06-17.- JFK Stadium, Philadelphia (LP 1). The infamous fires which definitely DID occour actually were started twords the end of Yes's set - it did get quite cold in the evening after being a very hot, sunny day. In 1964, it was renamed John F. Kennedy Stadium in memory of the 35th President of the United States who had been assassinated the year before. This was my first Mega Concert. In 1976, the United States geared up for a series of boisterous bicentennials celebrations ranging from parades to fireworks to commemorative exhibitions to, of course, concerts. According to newspaper reports, the show at the Sportatorium in Hollywood/Pembroke Pines, FL that was to have . Pink Floyd held a concert there on September 19, 1987, in front of a crowd in excess of 120,000 (general admission was sold on the field), but the show was not sold out. The stadium had 60,000 seats available, but by this point in their career The Beatles were only able to sell around a third of tickets. The Who performed at the stadium on September 25, 1982, early into their (then) Farewell Tour which also supported their album It's Hard. Between bands (forget which one) I grabbed one of my friends and we climbed the light towers and were sitting up there waiting for the next band. Wallenda unfurled a bicentennial and American flag from his balancing bar after doing a headstand midway across the 640-foot span steel cable. Two other highlights of the day were watching Joe Jackson at the Mann scold the crowd for whistling during one of his songs. Simply perfect. It was very special. Now the concert. Yes and Peter Frampton recreate '76 Philly concert tonight at Tower Theater. The original Led Zeppelin never played in the US again, although the surviving members performed at Live Aid. 1976 Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollar $1,000.00 $5.15 shipping or Best Offer 1976 D MEMORIAL CENT MINT ERROR ANACS MS-62 RB - OFF CENTER - CERTIFIED SLAB -1C $59.00 $4.00 shipping or Best Offer 1776-1976D Kennedy Half Dollar With MAJOR DIE CLASH ERROR $29.95 Free shipping or Best Offer SPONSORED Sadly, I did not go to that concert. A few minutes later several other's started climbing some of the other towers. WOW, some great memories are sure flying after reading these review's. We were good! I was on my feet the whole time, trying to see, trying to hear, listening to music that was too big for the vastness of the arena, and too big for most of the people who had come to the show. Please tell me someone else remembers Ronnie Van Zant in his bare feet. Genesis was the headliner and used the open air stadium for one of their spectacular nighttime laser and fireworks shows. it was over a women not sitting down and she was blocking the view of the statge. When I find the rare moments today where I can look above my daily concerns, quiet mind, heart, and body, and sense something bigger in the universe, that's the moment I relive. I know this is a Yes sight, but Frampton was equal to the Yes performance. The Dead closed the show with "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"; it would be the last song played at the stadium. On June 26, 1957, a 150-lap NASCAR convertible race was held at the Stadium, which was won by Bob Welborn in a 1957 Chevrolet. Peter Frampton JFK Stadium 1976 The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley also made an appearance in Philly during the summer of '76 at the Spectrum, on June 28th, a little more than a year before he would pass away. Six Op Sail events have been held to date, in 1964, 1976, 1986, 1992, 2000 and 2012. There I saw Roger Dean's sets , Alan White's kit, and last and most memorable, Patrick Moraz's Orchestron. They must have felt like dirt as not a soul listened to them. Also featured were Frankie Beverly and Maze, Kool and the Gang, Atlantic Starr, and One Way featuring Al Hudson. por | ago 8, 2022 | anniversary vacation ideas | starbucks coffee coloring pages | ago 8, 2022 | anniversary vacation ideas | starbucks coffee coloring pages after my dileriam earlier i passed up many opportunitys to get stoned. Going by instinct and finding my way. awesome day- got there - with my friend rob- had to meet some other peeps- they had a pair strawberry boxer underwear on a pole so we could find them in the middle of the field- we never left- until show was over- food fight was awesome- the fire in the stands - oh and the bands- oh and we forgot where we parked-forgot who drove or what car we took-. For my tastes this was the end of the peak years for Yes ( in fact I think 'Yesshows' is the definitive set) I'm just bummed that I was a few years too young to have seen the 71-74 era shows. We staked out a spot near the gates to the stadium. Stevie Wonder. We were up in the seats looking down on the crowd when everyone started throwing eveyrthingit looked so funny from up high, like locust descended on the crowd! Heres how YES Chris Squire (RIP) responded when he was asked what his most memorable concert ever was. Waited in Gimbels parking lot at 69th street from 4a.m. The crowd ate him up. 1976 | In 1976, actress Jane Fonda relaxes by the sea. Mick Jagger met the press at JFK Stadium on August 26, 1981, to announce the tour. The coin is layered in genuine 24KT Gold and is beautifully enhanced on the reverse with a permanent hologram by the Merrick Mint to highlight the original design using a unique authentic process. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. And yes, I was there! The fight started kin the stage area and resembled the wave as it went around the stadium. Thanks to all! Five years later, the Philadelphia Phillies won their first World Series on October 21 of that year. BTW I turned 60 yesterday. This show provided the majority of the concert footage for an NFL Films produced documentary called "Journey, Frontiers and Beyond". even yes shows which are allways great. WHAT AN EXPERIENCCE. Dur-ring the show some time between the mummers and Framtom I got off a trash fight. With a group of teens my age that needed a ride back over the bridge. I remember getting sun burnt during the day and freezing at nightstill loved it. The Philadelphia Flyers won their second Stanley Cup on May 27, 1975, and celebrated with a parade down Broad Street the next day that ended at the stadium. The original Led Zeppelin never played in the US again, although the surviving members performed at Live Aid. Apparently in honor of the old stadium's football heritage and the Eagles' recent NFC championship, Jaggerwho performed in something resembling a pair of football trousers and knee pads for much of the tourat one point donned an Eagles jersey that became part of his '81-'82 stage wardrobe. Read more about this topic: John F. Kennedy Stadium, If you love music, hear it; go to operas, concerts and pay fiddlers to play to you; but I insist on your neither piping nor fiddling yourself. Yep, one fantastic concert. Credit Gary with getting it going. John F. Kennedy Stadium . YES / Peter Framptom / Gary Wright / Pousette - Dart Band. My best friend got hit with something, turned pissed and was pelted with a hoagie. never the less i would not have missed this one for anything. I was there and had forgotten some of what's been written, but I remember it now. jet2 passenger locator form spain 1976 bicentennial concert jfk stadium. We agreed and thanked him. Not much to add. We were stoned and dehydrated from the parties and the merciless heat and humidity. In those days, you could bring that stuff into the stadiums. What a lineup and what a perfect setting. We played it safe and sat at the opposite end zone. The north bleachers started with Section NA. ~ JUNE 12,1976 Bicentennial Concert at JFK Stadium featuring YES, Peter Frampton & Gary Wright. the beachballs. There he was and every note was justwell it blew my mind. all those party heads like me. fuerzas internas y externas de una empresa what was the last concert at jfk stadium. On June 17, 1978, The Rolling Stones performed in front of 90,000 fans. Yep was there everybody has it right hot during the day cold at night. They've tapped into a sound that has changed me and many of us. In the game, England defeated Team America, 3-1, in front of a small crowd of 16,239. It could have gone so wrong, but we were all so cool in a much different time. No one knew who we were. They were boring. This was the first concert I ever went to. Judy Garland gave her last concert in America here in 1968, singing in part with the Count Basie band. On August 28, 29, and 30, 1989, in preparation for opening their 1989 Steel Wheels tour in Philadelphia (Veterans Stadium, August 31, 1989), the Rolling Stones set up their stage inside JFK Stadium for two full dress-rehearsal performances on August 28 and 29, 1989. I think I was 13. I do remember the Mummers and the water hoses but vaguely remember the shenanigans that other posters mention. Finally the crowd knew a song. Dream Weaver received a lot of applause. It was hot that day. A little quartet. We lived out near Willow Grove and went to the Flyer's Parade the year before - taking the train in from the Grove. Those were the days. Long time ago but remember it like yesterday (well, most of it anyways). Pop group The Jacksons performed for 4 sold-out shows in September 1984 during their Victory Tour in front of 200,000 in attendance, one of the largest audiences of the tour. Ritual (Nous Sommes du Soleil). I was trying to remember this concert better and finding this site has brought it all back. The band members were gracious in meeting their audiences and their performances were spectacular. A bunch of us came down From Allentown to see this show. In the game, England defeated Team America, 3-1, in front of a small crowd of 16,239. The Supremes played at the stadium on September 10, 1965. It was great. Good to see you doing good, are you still living in Arizona? However I think Kevin took too much acid or suffers from some memory loss due to the 'temple-balls' we smoked that day, because both Cheryl (who had a car) and Rudy (the whinner) never went. On Saturday June 20, 1981, a concert called The Roundup, which included bands .38 Special, Marshall Tucker Band, Molly Hatchet, The Outlaws and the Allman Brothers, took place in one of the original All Day concert events starting at 10 a.m. Another all-star show was staged at JFK on July 30, 1978 that featured the Sanford-Townsend Band, Bob Welch, Steve Miller Band and Fleetwood Mac. The show featured Bryan Adams, The Tubes, Sammy Hagar and John Cougar (as he was referred to at the time). They. 6,059 fans saw Utah rout West Virginia in the first indoor bowl game. Sometime between Wright and the appears of Peter Frampton, somebody had the bright idea to bring on Mummers, a Philadelphia news-years tradition that brings the very worst of musicianship, taste, and intelligence to the fore. A total of 91,451 were in attendance, one of the largest ticketed single-show, non-festival stadium concerts ever held in the U.S., as documented by Billboard. the gate was insane. Now for the highlights. I was disappointed they were a no show. My mom was 6 months pregnant with my brother, my pop told her she couldn't miss this show. The warning before Yes came on to get off the light towers because anyone up there would be fried.

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