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Len would confront Gareth which led to Len being shot to death. After his meal, he confesses that he is not a famous food critic but he is however a qualified chef and brother of Drew McCaskill (Ben Barrington). Murdered by Penny Rourke for revenge as she blamed him for the death of her father that gave her psychopathic tendencies. Jimmy and Bella break up following Jimmy having an affair. In the first episode of 2019, he had a second grand mal seizure when Kylie admitted killing Dylan, but blamed Ali for trying to resuscitate him. He then holds a lunch at his apartment and invites Lucy, her boyfriend Ali Karim (Tane Williams-Accra) and Rachel along with her husband Chris Warner (Michael Galvin), Chris shows a strong dislike of Glenn. After Bella refused, Mo and Vinnie Kruse used the distraction to attempt to disarm Gareth. Shortland Street is a New Zealand television soap opera. November 08, 2022 8 min read From Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia Jack Theodore Hannah is a fictional character on the New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street . In early 2016 Esther has a fling with Curtis Hannah unaware he was in a relationship with Lucy Rickman then they ended their fling months later that they when entered a relationship, but after he went into trouble they broke up when she started a relationship with newcomer Dr. Finn Connelly. I try to keep all my energy for my work.". He also revealed that his backstory is largely autobiographic as Tash is a real-life fine arts student.[4]. She fled Ferndale, only increasing the suspicion on her, leaving Mo and Victoria to start a relationship. Late in 2018, Ali and Dawn bought the old house with Jack and Lincoln, but by Christmas time, he started suffering dizzy spells from overworking, and on the 2018 cliffhanger, he hid his brain cancer diagnosis (astrocytoma) from Dawn, but it is unclear if it was related to the 2016 head injury. (Photo / TVNZ) Shortland Street fans are threatening to abandon the beloved Kiwi series . Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Glenn Rickman, played by Will Wallace,[9] made his first appearance on 1 August 2016. Alex Dean, played by Richard Osbourne,[5] made his first appearance on 2 April 2015. in one app. Vinnie corrects him and tells him he doesn't want drugs on the premises. [2] Jack was written as the "First XV rugby player for Ferndale High" in what was to be a short storyline. In 2021, she briefly became the Head of Surgery after Boyd Rolleston and Zara Mandel left Ferndale to start afresh in Otago. In 2020 fuelled by fan demand, Producers asked Milner to reprise his role for a guest stint to reunite with on-screen brother Jayden Daniels (Curtis Hannah). Rawiri says every time a new storyline comes up, his heart goes out to his character. * Recap: Shortland Street 2016 season cliffhanger finale * Shortland Street's Game of Thrones-inspired finale. She then finds out her fiance Adam is planning to take Chris down. Mo soon discovers Victoria is guilty of shooting Drew and also manipulating his family. Kate finds it difficult to accept that Blue wants to start transitioning to male, believing that he may want to change his decision down the track. Body found (off-screen) a week after being abducted from her home. Jimmy Isaac, played by Joel Tobeck,[2] made his first appearance on 24 March 2015. Esther forgives him and in October, she starts dating Eddie Adams (Leanne's son) and in November, she becomes pregnant with Eddie's baby. [1] Reuben Milner was a teenage actor that had previously "turned his nose up" at working on Shortland Street and told himself that, "no matter what happens, if I get offered a part on Shorty, I'll turn it down. [1] He explained his change of mind in taking the role as, "I figured out how hard it was to get auditions let alone land parts, so when I was in my final year of high school and they asked me to audition, I was like, 'Yes, Yes, Yes! Creation and casting [ edit] Leroy Raumati, played by Lionel Wellington,[13] made his first appearance on 14 October 2016. In December, Gareth decided to enact his revenge against Drew by sneaking into the hospital, after which he knocked out a security guard. Here are ten of Shortland Street's most memorable deaths. Wendy, however, would pass out and eventually die after being taken off life support. However, with the help of Frank Connelly and new flatmate Esther Samuels, Ali would make a full recovery in 2017. After seemingly sending her packing, Virginia would start stalking Drew in September but was quickly sent packing once the two began talking and they finally split up on better terms. It is found out that he has an ear infection and they operate on it. I'm going to be this accepting new fiancee and welcome her into our house'," she explains. He clashed with Blue again after he offered to help Olive, the bully who killed Blue's girlfriend Ashley at her 21st birthday party. First cousins. Nicole then goes away to a holiday home with her kids, but Vinnie turns up and takes the kids away. All you have to do is be you. She's in the dark about all this stuff happening. Died of injuries as result of gunshot to chest. She then introduces her transgender son, Blue Nathan (Tash Keddy), when he is caught by Jack Hannah (Reuben Milner) stealing from the cafeteria, as the product of her affair with Nicole's ex. This saw Jack develop a severe addiction, drop out of medical school, overdose twice, break his arm, and became reliant on Lincoln whom was falling in love with Nicole. Rumored to return in 2016 winter season as 'The Ferndale Farter' wreaking havoc on the Shortland Street lifts. Later in the year, Jack met and fell in love with new doctor Lincoln Kimiora (Alex Tarrant) but shortly into the relationship realised he was a high-functioning methamphetameme addict. Mo announced that Margaret planned to return . Died in a hospice after having been diagnosed several months beforehand. Leroy starts dating Lilly, but ended when she overheard that he tried to cover up cheating on someone else. She returned in May, when Mo, Jack and Curtis are on a camping trip and decided to turn herself in for embezzlement. Established in 1906 and possessing over a century of experience, Alsey Refractories Co. has consistently delivered high-quality, U.S. made refractory products around the globe. He also discovered that Zoe Carlson, her younger sister returned to Ferndale. He later leaves Ferndale, and was later mentioned that he has a new girlfriend. [8] Curtis is Daniels' first major television role after graduating from drama school. "[7] Jack's final scenes aired on 7 August 2019. Portrayed by Reuben Milner since 2014 in what was originally a 4-episode stint, the character became a regular character in the following years and had a family unit written around him. He started to threaten Drew after he performed surgery on his daughter, threatening to go to a higher power if need be. The 24th season of Shortland Street began airing on 19 January 2015 and . He returns in October and Sophia King falls for him. He is later employed as the head chef of the I.V. Drew keeps trying to win her back but then from Harper's irritation of Addison's, she tries to get custody over Billy, and the two have a blow. She later befriends Nicole and after having been kicked out of her flat with Blue, they move into The Deco House with Nicole and her family. iHeartRadio app. Deaths | Shortland Street Wiki | Fandom Deaths Edit 0 seconds of 1 minute, 43 secondsVolume 0% 00:00 01:43 This video file cannot be played. Keddy is the first transgender actor to play a transgender character on the show. Ashley's heart recipient, she later had problems with the transplant and arrested. Kate then reminds Mo that Margaret is the biological mother to his children. Mo becomes friends with new nurse Kate Nathan (Laurel Devinie) who helps Mo attempt to up skill. While they reconciled in June. In the 2018 finale, he, Chris, Kate and Jack are involved in a plane crash. After counselling, she is in amicable terms with Drew, and sent him home after he is discharged from hospital, but is no longer working for Shortland Street later to become a PA for Fentich, a medical research company. Following two large surgeries, the tumour was removed and Pixie enters remission. If the couple split, he will miss working with Devenie, adding the pair have been friends for years. Murdered by Joey Henderson, aka The Ferndale Strangler, who killed her for using him to make Kieran jealous. It was first broadcast on 25 May 1992 and currently airs on television network TVNZ 2. Jumped off the roof of an inner-city storage unit building to avoid capture when being cornered by Detective Lara Wade and police. Pixie confesses her love to Harry and dies, surrounded by her family. Dylan meets his match in the lead up to the Shortland Street 2018 finale. Brought into hospital under false identity and operated on by Chris Warner who identified him as the killer of Craig Valentine. [1] Milner was initially apprehensive toward this and thought it was a "nightmare" but decided it was the "best opportunity" he could get for his acting. He is then offered the opportunity to pick up his music career and declines it to spend time with his daughter. After the seizure, he lost all recollection of events in the last 2 weeks, including Kylie's admission of guilt hours prior. After being discovered by Dayna, George would panic and continue to practice while being pressured by his wife to quit. After a long, tenuous period of tension, Drew and Harper would get together and become engaged in late 2016-early 2017. "No one's gonna help us," she tells Claire. SPOILER ALERT: This story contains spoilers for. The following is a complete list of all characters that appear or have appeared on Shortland Street. I'm pretty boring and down to earth. Had previously been hospitalized from a heart attack in 1992. For eight years, actress Hannah Gould won our hearts as Sam, a young girl navigating life's challenges as the child of newly separated parents in the famed "Fernleaf family" TV ads. He initially survived the crash but was killed when he went back to the overturned vehicle to rescue Talita Pahele (TP) Aleni and it exploded. Kate even offered to help financially. Her seeping blisters are on the inside as she visibly strugglesto make sense of everything that's happened. He also helped Olive sort her problems with her abusive father. Pixie Hannah: August 2015 . Mo Hannah dies - Shortland Street Cliffhanger 2018 Kiwi TV 97 subscribers Subscribe 0 Share No views 4 minutes ago Shocking Shortland Street cliff hanger from 2018. "Shortland Street star says playing gay character is 'opportunity', "Spy: The Bros are back in town on Shortland Street", "Shorty bids farewell to Jack Hannah as Reuben Milner leaves Ferndale", "Jack the lad returns to Shortland Street", "Shortland Street actor hopes for romance after heartbreak", "Coronavirus: Shortland Street's first same-sex wedding can still go ahead under level 2", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Jack_Hannah_(Shortland_Street)&oldid=1136767143, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 1 February 2023, at 01:03. Nurse Wendy Cooper 19 January 2016 Fatal Gunshot Wound Suffered a stroke after being shot by gunman Gareth Hutchins, leading to Brain death. It is quickly apparent that Curtis and Jack don't get on and Curtis bullies Jack about his sexuality, teasing that Jack's friend, Kane, is his . All characters are introduced by the shows executive producer Simon Bennett. [10], The character of Jack and his coming-out storyline was said to inspire other homosexual men in similar situations, with Milner being told that, "one of his mates took a lot of inspiration from Jack. He does, but Cam refuses causing an argument between the pair. On Tuesday's episode, Kylie Brown (Kerry-Lee Dewing) attempted to give Ali Karim (Tane Williams) a lethal dose of morphine but was interrupted just in time, leading fans to believe Ali would survive. Kate Nathan (Laurel Devenie), Blues mother, insists on Mo punishing Leroy for his actions. He became a junior doctor in the ER department, and mentored by TK Samuels. She surrived the beating but later died in ED. I loved it. 8 September 2017. Blue starts at Ferndale High and steals an iPad off of another student. We open on Kylie (Kerry-Lee Dewing) andDylan - or is it Daniel? He briefly worked in the DHB, as an incoming board member. Later on, they made up and decided to have a clean fresh start. Murdered by Joey Henderson, aka The Ferndale Strangler, as to him, it was assumed that she was stringing orderly Steve Roberts along. Glenn returns and is seen in a hotel by Ali. The cast of New Zealand's longest running serial circa 2011. After helping stepbrother and close friend Jack through the death of his boyfriend Dion, Blue departed Ferndale to live with his new girlfriend in a studio apartment after enrolling in university. "Every time a relationship finishes on screen you go through the same feelings as actors as well because you know you probably won't be spending as much time together," he says. His portrayal of much-loved character Curtis Hannah saw him make a welcome return to the series in 2017 and 2021. To celebrate her 14th birthday, Pixie goes away on holiday with the Warners but after helping Harry get out of a dangerous river, she develops pneumonia and as a result of her chemotherapy-suppressed immune system, she is hospitalised and suffering breathing problems. "Mo has kind of been the hero, I guess, in most of the situations he's been in and it's probably going to be a real shock to fans to see him make this decision. Froze to death in a chiller. Beaten by Hayden when he discovered that she was in love with TK. She and Mo decide to divorce but as they were about to sign the divorce papers they have sex. The following is a list of characters that appeared on the show in 2016 by order of first appearance. Leroy later goes busking, performing a rap song. In a gripping, brutal scene Kylie does what we all knew she was going to to do 45 minutes ago when she hesitated beforepulling him out of a burning car. She was caught in the the crossfire when Mo and Vinnie bravely tackled gunman . Drowned after falling from the boat 'The Toroa' after attempting to murder Kirsty Knight. New Zealand TV Guide. His heroics prompted a photo shoot to salvage positive publicity, with the cost of his prosthetic leg replacement to be sponsored by the hospital. Curtis Hannah first appeared in early May. Was crushed in a building collapse that resulted from her father Rex Treherne's dodgy building practices. Shorty Street Scandal - Ali's Death James Mustapic 3.26K subscribers Subscribe 199 12K views 3 years ago I made this a few weeks ago, give it some love and let me know if you'd me to do more!. The relationship was short-lived; however, the academic help enabled Jack to continue his pursuit of medicine. Harper suffers a seizure and is discovered to have a tumor. Christmas is always a deadly time of year for the residents of Ferndale, and 2018 has . She starts helping out Nicole, coming around to her house unannounced regularly. He currently serves 1-year home detention, and is pending reinstatement to resume work. Mo was present at a football match where his daughter Pixie is playing and later collapses. After failing to kill Margaret, Victoria gets Curtis sent to prison by drugging his food. Murdered by Dr. Ethan Pierce for body parts to supply his body harvesting operation. "So it's quite a massive betrayal of trust and you'd start to doubt your decision and doubt yourself in those sort of situations. Eddie (Rawiri Jobe) and Boogie (Brooklyn Nathan) tackle a man they believe to be the murderous organ harvester known as The Creep, only to discover he is actually Curtis working undercover.. New episodes weekdays 7pm Local Drama My List. She was offered to a fully paid study to complete her level 2 surgery course by the new acting CEO, Te Rongapai, but Esther still feel that Finn should not be fired despite his abuse due to his proficiency as a surgeon. Jack faced further struggles after surviving a plane crash but losing his father Mo. However, in 2016 Gareth was shot dead by the Armed Squad and she was asked to identify the body. Gareth made his way to Drew's exam room and shot him twice, leaving him for dead. Causes of the death included pneumonia and renal failure. [3] On 1 April 2018, it was reported by Ophelia Buckleton from Stuff.co.nz that Keddy would be leaving his role as Blue after 2 years on the show. Cam later starts a relationship with Jack Hannah (Reuben Milner), having never had a homosexual relationship in the past. He has heard of Boyd Rolleston's articles after he performed the surgery on Stevie. When Curtis passes a routine drug test with the help of his brother Jack, Victoria's plans begin to unravel. Upon learning the news, Ali became withdrawn and angry, and stopped bonding with his daughter, and refused to name her. On the 2018 cliffhanger, her voice was featured when Mo suffered a punctured lung, and is dying after coughing out blood after kissing Kate inadvertently forced haematoma and blood clot out of his lungs. She was supporting TK Samuels, who had to come to terms of being a murderer, having killed Hayden after trying to save Kylie from him. She had the surgery but then her father Gareth blames Drew for it. After admitting her crimes to Mo, Victoria takes off in a car to avoid arrest. bar and is recognised to Bella Durville (Amelia Reid-Meredith) as a famous food critic, however, this is not the case. Playingout like a goryGreek tragedy, it dives into the guts of 2018's biggest social movement - #MeToo -grabs a coupleof handfuls and runs screaming into the night with them. Jacks brother, Curtis (Jayden Daniels), takes the blame in order to keep Jack out of prison. He hid the diagnosis again, and drove the ambulance to retrieve Damo's engagement ring, where the ambulance hit a woman. Te Rongopai, being impressed with Hawks after he jumped in to save a patient that collapsed in the waiting room, convinced her to get TK to ask for his old job as an ED doctor, which Hawks accepted. Mo has let his estranged jailbird wife Margaret (Debbie Newby-Ward) back into his ilfe.

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